Internal Audit
We Provide You With A Peace of Mind: A Self-Regulated Company.

In Malaysia, all listed companies are required to disclose their corporate governance practices in their annual reports. The Code of Corporate Governance has been heavily and yet mandatorily implicated in internal controls and internal audit functions.

At Raffles CPA, aside from the responsibly of compliance to the Code of Corporate Governance, we acknowledge the importance of setting up / on going monitoring the effectiveness of internal control so as to minimise business risks. With our team of experienced and qualified internal auditors, we are able to provide credibility in your management reports, as well as providing professional advice on how to further improve the effectiveness of your internal control , this includes but not limited to the followings:-

(I) Assessment of compliance with corporate governance requirements and implementation plans
At Raffles CPA, we pride ourselves with our proven methodologies that are of international standards. Well equipped with our best practice and industrial experience, we are able to provide your company with highly credible assessment of corporate governance requirements, as well its implementation plans. With our services, you can be rest assured that your company is in good hands.

(ii) Internal control evaluation and systems reviews
There are instances when company owners want to keep their existing internal control systems and its current implementation in check. At Raffles CPA, we provide the immediate solution that meets your independent assessment needs. Our team of professionally experienced internal audit teams are able to provide you with the comfort on your company’s level of internal control, as well as professional advice on its potential improvements.

(iii) Outsourcing the internal audit function
Aside from a sound layout, the effectiveness of a company’s internal control is essentially in line with the quality of its very own internal audit department. At Raffles CPA, we provide outsourcing services for internal audit functions, which spares our client of the hassle of recruitment, training, and professional maintenance, enabling business owners to concentrate on other aspects of their business. With our teams of experienced internal auditors, you can be rest assured that your company is in the right hands.

(iv) Internal audit co-sourcing
An internal audit function has always been a need of corporate organisations of its professional independence and calibre, in its vital role as a part of corporate governance. However, without keeping the internal audit workforce in check, its effectiveness and independence may be affected over time.

At Raffles CPA, we provide the immediate answer to your questions: Internal Audit Co-sourcing. We pride ourselves with our teams of experienced internal auditors, who are trained and updated with the latest update in audit methodology and professional knowledge. Aside from assisting your company’s need of manpower in the internal audit function, we able to add credibility to your internal audit function’s work.

(v) Advice on setting up an internal control function
Confident of the quality of your internal auditors, but not sure if you’ve made full utilization of them? At Raffles CPA, we provide professional, yet practical internal control advices for your business’ needs. With a sound internal control function set up in place, you can be relieved of the worries on how your company is monitored, and coordinated.