Offshore Advisory
True to the statement from “Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) : Nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes” but for second part, taxes may vary.

Today, free-tax offshore shelf has become one of the common investment vehicles to minimum or free from excessive taxation, but for well-off individuals considering offshore investment, tax may not be the driving force behind “offshore” as it is the best way to protect the business and financial privacy from the competitors, illegitimate creditors or any third parties.

For the companies or individuals reside in high-tax region and if they can opt for offshore investment, it is in pursuits of higher returns while paying lesser tax or free-tax and without any intention to evade taxes in their home countries, most importantly, these tax restructuring strategies are completely under the law, thus the investment returns can be legalised in offshore and be repatriated for reinvestment in home countries.

Going offshore may not be suitable for every company and the business models may optimize use of offshore structure:

i) Engage in international trade among two or more countries in foreign market.
ii) Engage in offshore consulting advisory.
iii) Purchase of offshore stock, bonds, forex or any kinds of financial instruments.
iv) Establish an offshore holding company for listing on foreign stock exchange.
v) Establish foreign branches, subsidiaries or representative offices.
vi) Acquire offshore real estate.
vii) Acquire registered ships or planes aboard.
viii) Acquire offshore trademark or patent from foreign companies.
ix) Register offshore trademark or patent for royalty programme or franchising matters.

If your business models fall into the above, so why might an onshore investment if it carries lesser advantages as compared to offshore investment?

Our Services include:

> Offshore Companies Formation, include but not limit to BVI, Bermuda, Brunei, Cayman Island, Labuan
> Incorporation of Foreign Companies, Subsidiaries, Branches, Representative Offices in Asia Pacific, Europe,    Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin American and Caribbean.
> Offshore Tax Studies
> Offshore Structures Studies
> Offshore Double Tax Treaties Studies
> Offshore Dividend Studies
> Offshore Withholding Tax Studies
> Offshore Asset Protection Studies
> Offshore Virtual Office Supports
> Offshore Resident Secretary and Secretarial Services
> Provision of Offshore Registered Address
> Provision of Offshore Resident Director
> Provision of Offshore Nominee Shareholder