Tax Advisory
Today tax has become an integral factor in business costing. Almost all business strategies and decision-making are affected by tax rules and regulations and companies always face a daunting task managing their tax requirements.

At Raffles CPA, we offer well-crafted tax solutions and strategies to suit your organisation through identifying appropriate tax structure and tax incentive.

Our expertise in tax policies, up-to-date knowledge on tax issues or case, familiarity with the local practise of tax authorities and its development from time to time will optimise company’s or group’s tax benefits which in turn can significantly benefit your overall business in term of operation, profitability and competitiveness, etc.

Our services include :

> Corporate and Individual Tax Compliance and Tax Planning
> Indirect Tax Planning such as Sales Tax, Services Tax, GST, etc.
> Real Property Gain Tax
> International Tax and Cross-border Tax Planning
> Double Taxation Agreement
> Tax Investigation and Tax Field Audit including Pre-tax Field Audit Review
> Group Tax Restructuring
> Tax Exemption and Incentive Applications including Pioneer Status, MSC
Status, Investment Allowances and Reinvestment Allowances, etc.
> Stamp Duty Planning and Stamp Duty Exemption Application
> Employee and Human Resource Tax Planning